Monday, October 3, 2016

The Canvas 10.3.16

       A conventional canvas has never been my calling. I have always admired people who could effortlessly create the images in their heads into something physical that could be shared with others. Throughout high school, I found myself gravitating towards extremely talented artists and hoping that their gift would somehow rub off on me.
      I mean, just look at this portrait my best friend drew of me and the picture she used as a reference!

     Amazing! I know!
     Unfortunately, even though she has spent a whole year trying to teach my how to draw, the best I can muster up are stick figures.
      In the world of art I seemed to only have one saving grace, and that was coloring.  When all my friends finished their masterpieces, they would pass them on to me to shade them or color them. It never seemed like much of a talent to me, but I think it lends to my discovery of my favorite canvas of all time: my face!
       Let me explain. Makeup is an artform that I fell into rather slowly. I used to loathe the idea of makeup (mainly because I was never particularly good at it). I also fell into the common trap of internalized misogyny: I confused the concept of caring about your appearances and loving makeup with a lack of intelligence. This is completely false!!!!!!!!!!!
      My whole mindset changed when my cousin, Tara, started to rave about beauty gurus that she would watch on YouTube. I watched Tara get better and better at creating different makeup looks: everything from winged eyeliner to cut creases. I became more and more curious as her makeup collection grew. I started to question her about new products that I've never heard of before, like concealer and primer.
                                                   Soon, I was hooked.
       I remember finding the true love of my life: lipstick.
       I think that the majority of people who see my lipstick collection think that I am some time of hoarder. They might be right. I just have never found a paintbrush that has spoken to me as vividly as lipstick has.

(As you can see, I have many paintbrushes.  People are justified in thinking I'm a hoarder.)

       I know some people see makeup as a silly thing that girls do for fun or to fit societal standards, but I don't see that at all. It is as close to art as any traditional art form. The ability to transform your features or to accentuate all the things you love about yourself is a talent that needs applauding. Contouring and highlighting are important steps to makeup application that follow the same principles that artists use when shading pictures. There is talent in the ability to create cohesive looks with so many different shades of eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and eyeliner.
      Youtuber katsketch makes a career out of transforming herself into different characters as well as tutorials on everyday makeup looks.
source:  katsketch on Instagram

Can you believe that both pictures are of the same person? You can't say that this isn't a form of art!

       I love the way that makeup can transform your face. I love the way that you can wipe everything off at the end of the day and start with a blank canvas again.  I love that I found my own little nook in this artistic world that I always dreamed of being a part of.


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