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Forces of Evil

My iTunes playlist probably contains the most diverse genres of music in history. I have pop, k-pop, r-pop (Romanian pop), Russian-something (all I know is it's Russian), classic rock, punk rock, alternative rock, rap-rock (why the heck do we have so many labels for rock), swing, electro swing, dubstep, EDM (electronic dance music), film soundtracks, Disney soundtracks, broadway soundtracks, video game soundtracks... I feel like I can go on ad nauseam with these genres, but I think you get the idea.

To be honest with you all, I have this tendency to shove my favorite songs in other peoples' faces (or maybe their ears) because I love sharing everything. I'm the type of person who'll randomly approach you and quietly recommend that you should try this new song.

If possible I would have wanted to share with you all my top 100 songs.

I decided to be a LITTLE (okay not a LITTLE... BUT, as my younger cousin would say, a "little-biggle") creative, and decided that I'd share with you all the first five songs that play after I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes playlist.

First up,

Vegeta - Super Saiyan 

Yeah, I like Dragon Ball Z. Bruce Falcunor (the guy who made some of the BEST soundtracks EVER for DBZ) deserves some kind of award. He's a legend. If you don't know who Vegeta is, just look at this. He's basically the dude who gets angry all the time, and somehow gets more and more powerful (as all the other characters in the show do) by constantly shouting. No matter what people say about him (heck, even I can't stand him some of the time), he'll always be my favorite character, and I think he has some of the best character-exclusive soundtracks ever. Here and Here

Anyways, on to the next one.

Okay, I admit it, I listen to Hollywood Undead only because I like their first album, Swan Songs. 
I mean, if anything, this is probably one of my favorite songs from that album. Why?
I like the lyrics... that and it's the least vulgar (I think it's one of their few songs, if not, ONLY song that doesn't have a swear word ((I think???)). Besides, I think the lyrics will really resonate with those of you who think their life is a mess. It might just heal you. 


I'll be brief about this one. The group is Caravan Palace, the song is Suzy, and this group has some weird music. They're a French, electroswing group, but honestly, I find their music videos much more entertaining than their actual songs. Knock yourselves out.

Yeah, I'm not surprised this song was number four on my shuffle. iTunes says I've played this song over a THOUSAND times. I've ONLY had iTunes for a couple months. This song, I Saw Her Standing There, by The Beatles, is what catapulted me into their music. It's from their first studio album, Please Please Me.
Honestly, I think I have an obsession with their music. If you like them too, well, just Let It Be. I've downloaded more of their albums then I have any other band.


 So let this one be the 4.5th song (or the bonus one) because I suddenly listened to this and thought to myself I HAVE TO SHARE THIS (because I have no idea how to describe the genre but just listening to it makes me feel POWERFUL). It's the opening soundtrack to the game Dark Souls III. 


The final one.

Out of all the songs I wrote about, so far, this one is my favorite.

This is all I have to say: Kingdom Hearts I.5 ReMIX. Forze Del Male. 
It's a soundtrack that plays when you fight Ansem / Riku towards the end of the video game. According to iTunes I've played this song over 4,000 times. Don't judge me. Fine, you can judge me but...

The definition of Forze Del Male is Forces of Evil. The words forze and male are etymologically rooted in Latin. :-)

-Onur A. Ayaz

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