Monday, February 24, 2014

"The Lego Movie:" Is everything really awesome?

This weekend I went to see The Lego Movie with my son, and it really proved to be an enjoyable experience. While managing to be continuously hilarious, the balance of adult humor and children’s humor was perfect. Although there were many underlying themes throughout, the one that I found mostly appealing to children was that everyone is special--whether you’re the good guy or villain. It is a positive affirmation that everyone needs to hear and believe in, and The Lego Movie, successfully reiterates that sentiment several times.

The movie begins eerily optimistic with Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt), detailing his daily routine through a list of instructions. He seems to be extremely content in doing so, but after a few minutes of the hilarious monotony of instructions, the viewer notices that the society in which Emmet lives in also follows the same set of instructions. The Lego world is portrayed as a happy place, dictated by Lord business (voiced by Will Ferrell), who is the owner of a corporation (Octan) which is the big brother of the entire populous. It is clever yet straight forward to refer to the bad guy as “Business” and the hero as “the special”. For the children that watch this film, they will understand the separation, and for the adults, well, we get it. 

I found there to be a lot of irony. Hasbro is the creator of the Lego Company, so why would a huge franchise agree to script a children's movie that blatantly spews anti business rhetoric? Perhaps that is where the humor lies-- that, and the “Everything is Awesome” song.

Over all, I would recommend that everyone watches this movie. The animation is excellent and the storyline is genius.



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