Monday, April 7, 2014

Mildly Excited

"We're gonna start at the edge of everything, and we're gonna take it right back down. To you, baby, right here on planet earth. It's a little introspective, a little cosmic, going for the Terrence Malick angle on this, it's a snoozefest, people, put on the timer. There's not a lot of talking. It's just a lot of heavy breathing. But there's some really beautiful photography."

Living in the digital age poses a whole new set of problems for what it means to be an individual. And trying to live like one. Especially for young, irresponsible adult-children, it has become increasingly clear that none of us really knows what we are doing. Perhaps that's always been the same, but somehow working and breathing and moving with these foreign objects held intimately and dearly in our pockets casts the world in a strange, blue-hued light. Furthering this problem of alienation for me is that I'm not really up on stuff. Whether it's actual news (which becomes more and more like your next reality tv show every day) or just popular culture, I'm pretty tuned out (which I know is terrible but...oh, right, I have no excuse).

So, most of what I know of what's going on in the world comes from my twitter feed. And Mildly Excited. Mildly Excited (@mildly_excited) is a long-form podcast that basically records the meandering conversations of two twenty-something-year-old Brooklyn imports as they both hate on popular developments in contemporary media culture and shower others with interesting, comical, critical, and awed praise. The podcast captures what it is to be dumb and confused, but also engagedly so. I think ultimately it asks the question: are we really apathetic and incapable? And if so, can we be engaged in our own apathy and incapabilities? And can we turn that into something productive and creative?

Once a week, Corey and Sidney sum up all the cocktail conversation things that you might need to be perfectly up-to-date for the average, middle-brow human (in the best of ways, really!) and come off as passably normal (I should stop telling you all my secrets for being human in the 21st century). But  hear how two other people who are somewhat like me construct their visions of themselves and their placement in the world, and how my own construction differs. The podcast makes me continually question: how do I see myself as other than what I do?

What I love about the podcast is that it's wonderfully relatable, cynical, and post-apocalyptic while still managing to be light-hearted and really hilarious. And sometimes sentimental. Topics range from the deep web to stew recipes, from the multiverse to Kanye West, theorizing on the future universe (in which the sentient super-aliens discover all of our catalogued twitter accounts in the Library of Congress) and the imminence of our moronic beings. If you have an hour to kill while commuting, cooking, or exercising (yeah, right), this podcast is a great way to remind yourself that yes, it's all terrible and yes, it's all a joke anyways.

Remember: Things are gonna get weird.

You can download/listen/subscribe here.

          -Isabel Stern

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