Monday, April 28, 2014

Potato Pancakes

I didn’t grow up in a Jewish household, but I did grow up eating and enjoying a lot of the food, since my father works in a Jewish deli. One of my favorite Jewish dishes is potato pancakes (also known as potato latkes). My father noticed that lot of the potato pancake orders at the restaurant were being returned because customers found them to be heavy and hard to cut easily with a fork and knife. He then decided to improve upon the recipe by boiling the potatoes beforehand (instead of just using raw potatoes) and by adding more onions. Not a single order of potato pancakes has been returned since. Here’s his recipe:

· 3 pounds peeled, boiled potatoes (my father boils them for about 30 minutes, only partially cooking them)

· 1 ½ big onions

· ½ pound matzo meal

· 2 eggs

· 3 tablespoons oil

· salt and pepper to taste

After boiling the potatoes for approximately 30 minutes, roughly chop the potatoes and onions together. Afterwards, sprinkle the matzo meal over the potato and onion mixture, mixing them together. Then add the rest of the ingredients and mix together. Form into patties, then pan fry. My father is always very adamant about the last step. “They’re called potato pancakes for a reason! If ya deep fry it, ya kill it!”

--Sarah Allam

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