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Tiny Desk, Big Show

One of my favorite ongoing online series is Tiny Desk Concerts, wherein a musical guest is invited to perform a session in an NPR officespace. I am not actually a big fan of concerts, I tend to prefer studio level production, but I really enjoy these. The environment is so intimate, the performers so relaxed, that the whole production is more personable and less of a spectacle. So I figured I would share a few of my favorites.

The first video I'd like to show is of a performance by Kishi Bashi. What's interesting about him is that his studio albums are poppy and mostly overproduced, but his live performances are pretty spectacular. He beatboxes and creates crazy violin loops and is just all around an impressive musician:

Okay so I really like performers who use loops. tUnE-yArDs' music consists cobbled together bits of rhythms and melody, and so to see them piece them together right before your eyes is pretty cool. And those sexy saxophones hold it all together:

This series is also a really cool way of finding new kinds of music. I had never heard of Debashish Battacharya, but he can sure can melt face on that Indian slide guitar (an instrument which, incidentally, he invented). The amazing singer accompanying him is his daughter, and the proud looks he gives her throughout the performance are so sweet:

Alright, I promise this is the last looping video. But it's really really good. If you don't know Reggie Watts, he's a comedian/musician who performs mostly improv, making his performance that much more remarkable. Also, he raps about NPR and Ikea furniture instructions so, you can't really afford to miss it:

Of course, when OK GO does a Tiny Desk Concert, they can't just play a few songs behind a desk. They have to make the whole thing into a production:

And this is really just the tip of the iceberg, only a few of my favorites; Moon Hooch and Public Service Broadcasting are a couple fun ones, or Macklemore and Adele for some bigger names, and Bex already talked about the awesome T-Pain performance. NPR comes out with new ones pretty frequently, so I highly suggest checking them out.

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